Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So I "read" him wrong TMI warning

Brought up the baby thing again with my husband. We are suppose to talk about it more tonight so I will update with that later IF it happens.

It started with having some issues with my IUD. I realized over the weekend I was at my moms that a bunch of women have these issues with their IUD. So I'm not alone. The only reason to really fix the problem is to get it removed. Witch is fine by me...giggle..past post explains I am also in need of a up today PAP. I haven't had one since I had the postpartum visit after I had Kole at 6 weeks, and then a week later I had my IUD placed. So it has been 2years. My grandmother died a little over a year ago from Cervical cancer. So it scares me to death.

So Joey called and asked what I was doing and I told him that I was fixing to call the Doctor to see what it would cost to get in, and then he asked why..giggle...but anyways I also told him I had been doing some research about the IUD, and that I will be talking to my doc to make sure I don't have a Bacteria infection witch could also be the problem, if that is the case... antibiotic will fix it. I told him I was having issues with my IUD, and I could here the "WTF" flags flying up in his head...HAHAHA WHAT KIND OF But I told him..giggle.

He said then we are not having and I laughed and said Yay sure. I said If I get the IUD out that we will talk about another form of BC until we are ready for another baby. I said not the pill, as I got prego with Jared. He said the patch and told him I think it got recalled. Then he said the shot, and I told him no I wouldn't get on the shot before we had a baby. I was on it after Jared and I didn't get prego till 3 years after I took my last dose. We tried for a year to get prego, and finally did. So I don't want to get on it and have to wait another year before I get prego. And he said no..., so now I'm not sure where he stands. I'm not don't have kids. i want to try again for a little girl, yes I have a chance of it being a boy...we all do..but I would love to have a girl..but if it is a boy...oh well I will love him too. Just like i did with I wanted him to be a little girl And he is my asshole baby...LOL I don't want to wait till Kole is in school. I want them close together. He just turned two so even if I get prego RIGHT now. Kole will be closer to three. He would have a blast with a baby * brother or sister *. He would be a big helper, and be a great big brother. Might be jealous that the baby will have his "bees" but he would love it as much as I would. I just really don't feel waiting till he goes to school works for me.

I don't need to buy anything for a I explain in the last post about this...

I don't know I will wait and see what we speak about tonight and see how it goes..I will update later..:)

Alone again tonight

Well Joey called me about 11ish, and asked if I wanted the good or bad news, or if I wanted it all together? And I told him lemme guess you aren't coming home tonight huh? And yep that was it...and I guess the good news was that he was making more money...LOL.

Poor guy, I feel so bad for him having to work alllll day long and HATING what he is doing. At least where he is at at the moment he is doing something he is enjoying. I just wish they would give him the work they hired him for. It make me mad and sad for him. It isnt' like I can go to work, it would be pointless with having to get some one to watch Kole. So it is all on his shoulders. I just hope he knows how much I look up to him. He make me happy. He provides for me and our family, and makes us all happy when he is home. Even if he drives me crazy half the But he does it cause he loves If he stoped something would be majorly

The kids will be home shortly. Kole is napping, and Laura is playing in Britney's rooms. I will be busy busy busy till it is bed time. I'm not sure what we are gonna have for dinner yet...but whooo We have left over BBQ sandwiches stuff from last night...maybe an easy quick left over dinner and some stir fry mixed veggies....hmmm maybe spaghetti...or grilled cheese and i guess i will make up my mind closer to dinner

Joeys not home..:(

So Joey got the call about mid day today that they wanted him to go to Bum-Fucked-Egypt to work, and that he would have to spend the night, get up in the AM and work there tomorrow...YAY for me..NOT.

I'm trying to stop drinking Dr Pepper 24/7. I'm allowing my self 3 a day..witch I guess is still a but that is nothing compared to my 12+ pack a day, with nothing else to drink but Dr. Pepper. NOT HEALTHY.

I'm a fat cow, I have gained about 20lbs the last couple months. None of my clothes fits, but like I get dressed the joys of being a stay at home mom. I live in my PJs. This isn't the normal I'm fat crap chick I have gained 20 pounds and would like to loose 50 lbs, but will more than happy with just 30-35 no need to get greedy..:P

So my first step is lowering my dr pepper ask ANYONE I know and they will tell you I'm addicted to it. Even my kids will tell you..:P So I'm going through withdrawals from the caffeine and sugar and all that good yummy stuff that is bad for Migraines from hell, mood swings...poor kids..:P I guess Joey missed out on it this time..:P I'm sure there will be plenty in the next couple of days.

So I'm on day three with 3 dr peppers a day. so far so good. I need to buy me a scale so I can actually see progress. I know I'm not gonna see anything NOW...but would like to see when I start.

I have also watched how much  and what  I am eating. I'm not snacking alllll day long with Kole like I have hence the 20

So now that I have rambled on about my stupid fat I really should go to bed but I know I will lay here for a hour or two tossing and turning cause Joey's stinky ass isn't in bed going off every 45 mins.

nite all!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sooo I want another baby!!

So every couple of months I go through the I want another baby I think it is becauseIi KNOW we will have another...just have to get my IUD out..and

I have two Bio boys, and a step daughter and step son..but they are all MINE!!!...but I want another little girl. that I can raise from the VERY beginning. Britney will ALWAYS be my first little girl. But I want a bio daughter.

The last time I brought it up to my hubby it wasn't the nomal, " not right now " or the we can't afford a new because well we wont have to buy anything but a few gowns and

I co sleep, so I dont need a crib, and I have a bassinet...witch I never used with Kole...LOL but I have it just in case.
I have all the bouncer seats and swings from Kole. All the baby toys from Kole, the jumparoo..ect
I cloth diaper...and with my wonderful cloth diapers site, I can trade stuff I don't need/use that I have for diapers online.
I no money out on

so that is everything right? Since i'm hoping for a girl and IF I get we will just need PINK gowns and sleepers...maybe a FEW outfits because I never really dress my babies they stay comfy..:P PJS are the

If I am missing let me but I think that covers So I guess i'm just ready to get prego, find out if it is a boy or and buy some sleepers/ gowns/ onies/ socks..ect normal little stuff...and then the waiting game yep i'm ready...come on 6-8 month so we can start trying to conceive ...i want a baby...:P

Calif. Woman Jailed For Dumping Newborn In Trash

Calif. Woman Jailed For Dumping Newborn In Trash

This crap makes me sick to my stomach. HOW IN THE HELL CAN YOU JUST TOSS A BABY IN THE TRASH???? You are his.her mother. S/He is crying and screaming as s/he came into the earth waiting for his/her mother to nurture him/her, love them hold them kiss them feed them....not dump them in the garbage

I as a mother I can not see how in the world some one could do this. It makes me sick to think about it. It happens ALLL the time. It is FUCKIN CRAZY!!! I wonder how many babies dont get noticed while they have already passed in the trash??? No one normally looks in the trash for a baby...ugh

There are so many adults out there wanting babies, and can't have them. And then there are people that just throw them away....what the hell!!

This stupid BITCH! yes i said it..BITCH, shouldn't of cheated on her husband in the first place...second of all should of used a condom...BC...or prevent an unwanted pregnancy...UGH

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So I can't sleep...ugh

So yet another night I can't fall asleep. I knew there was a reason why I wanted to start a

So i'm layin in bed, with Kole and Tinkerbell on my right, and joey on my left. Laura is passed out in the co sleeper. I'm fixing to attempt to set up my esty shop so I can start selling all the stuff i make...maybe i will get rid of all this i have mountain and mountains of stuff..:P Maybe it will give me the kick in the ass i need to sew.

I had a great day today. I loved spending time with my hubby and bless his heart. He gets up and goes to work even though he HATES going to work. I wish we could afford him to change jobs and do what he loves to do. The company he is with is having him do bull shit jobs and not what he "signed up for". I feel so bad for him. ALMOST, i said ALMOST tempted to tell him to find another job even if that means him working out of town...but i HATE when he is out of town! The kids HATE it also. I dunno i just wish that he was happy. No fun doing something everyday that you hate doing, and knowing when you wake up you have to get up and do it all over again....but that is why i love him, because he does. There are MILLIONS of reason why i love him but that is one.

well i'm going to attempt to go to bed..i forgot i have to go check my outlook to get my password for and im to lazy to get up and get it i will attempt to set it up tomorrow..:P

Just had lunch...

So I have a GREAT husband. He did all the dishes for me so I wouldn't have to do them. We made lunch together, and feed all our hungry kiddoes. My niece and my youngest son, they are 2 and almost 3 are a whole tuna fish sandwich, you would think they were going out of style. I do have to admit that they were pretty darn good! I haven't had a tuna fish sandwich in i don't know how long. It had all the onions and hard boiled eggs too...:P 

The kids are all playing and driving each other crazy. I have my almost 3 yr old niece for 3 weeks. We are having a blast. Kole is gonna miss her like crazy when she goes home. He is gonna be lost being home all day by himself with me again. He is gonna drive me crazy. Poor Laura is gonna gain 10 lbs these three weeks while she is here..giggle. She too, is gonna be lost. She is getting use to having to share and wait her turn. She is use to being the only kiddoes so it is a big change for her but she is doing GREAT!

Joey is getting excited for bow season....but I'm tired of hearing about i will have to listen about it for the next couple of months though. I wont complain to bad when he brings me home a nice fat yummy deer thought. Well it will tide me over for a couple days at least.

I will be glad when i get our big screen TV back. The lamp went out in it and we had to send it out to get fixed. SOOO Joey is watching all his hunting CRAP in the bed room...witch is what i am listening to right NOW. The kids will be driving me crazy also about hunting. I wish they would just shoot me so I wouldn't have to hear about

Today I have to finish up the laundry, and I have a birthday party to go to for my nephew. He is turning three. They grow up wayyyy to fast!! I'm hoping the weather warms up a bit more so I can go swimming in our pool! That my wonderful momma gave to us...:P We are having a blast in the pool. We ALL get in even

Well I guess that is all for now. The kiddoes want to go out side an play. I'm gonna lay in bed with Joey and watch * eye roll * hunting on TV with him for a few mins and then start getting everything together for the birthday party, not sure when we will head out, but we have to go catch some chickens for Joeys uncle.

What I Have Made...:)

So I'm sitting here bored, nothing to do. All the kids are sleeping, and i'm all about this blog thing tonight..:P

So I thought i would show off what I have made with my sewing machine and serger..:)

Training undies, with side snaps just in case of a poo, so you dont have to pull the poo down their legs.

more trainers

Action shot...:P

shirts, and undies

flannel liners

Spoies diaper and wipe case and a infant toy
my cute little model..:P

Boppy pillow, and bed set for my friend Kristy and my little man trying it all

Mamma Cloth, Cloth pads. You wash and reuse them, no more spoie pads with all kinds of chemicals next to you woman

Hubbys Quilt

Some of MANY doll dipaers and other doll items I have made

doll wipes

A new born fitted I made

Wool UPcycled longies, was a wool sweater

Crochet Cocoons
Fleece Soft Soled Shoes

Footed PJ pants our of Daddys worn out Hunting shirt..:P

Wrap I made

So I think you get the idea...HAHAAA

Saturday, September 25, 2010



UGH that annoys the hell out of me. YOU KNOW it is EXPIRED yet you still offer it? What the hell for? This is the copy of the email:

This is very dirty, but might suit a Grandma who could clean it up and have it for emergencies. It says March 05. And Rear Facing 5-30 pounds, Forward Facing 20-40 pounds.

*It is dirty for a reason it is OLD and needs to go in the trash!
*If grandma knows she has the kids i'm sure mommy and daddy will have one for grandma...OR will at least LEAVE their carseat WITH the grandmother just in case of an emergency.
*It says March 05, because it is SCREAMING " THROW ME AWAY I AM NO LONGER SAFE"

Sooo, it didn't take me long to find something to write about...UGH stupid people piss me off...

my first post..:)

So this is my first post, first blog...and I shall warn you all....HAHA I can ramble and ramble you can't say I didn't warn you. Typos will probably be major as when I get to going on about something I could careless about typos..:P I'm not sure if there will be a main focus to my blog..probably not but oh well. So you will never know what i will write about day to I will try to write every day...but I do have 4 kiddoes, and a hubby that likes my attention at night..:P for a little bit...LMAO

I was thinking about write about me..but more than likely you will get to know me, but just in case here is a little about me:

I'm a stay at home mom. I have four kiddoes. Britney, Jared, Hunter, Kole. They are my life. The reason I get up in the AM. I have a wonderful husband, who has major gas problems!! I have yet to figure out how he can walk on the ground with the amount of gas that passes through his body, and to think I have to sleep in the same bed, stinks! Literally!!  I have a boston terrier, a huge clan of rats, and snakes. I LOVE to sew.

I spend alot of time sewing, I can make many things. You name it I can make it, Cloth diapers, doll items, clothes, quilts, blankets, pillows, ect. I will be opening up a ESTY store called Lil Mamas And Papas.

So that is all for now. I will see what i can come up with tomorrow..:)