Sunday, September 26, 2010

What I Have Made...:)

So I'm sitting here bored, nothing to do. All the kids are sleeping, and i'm all about this blog thing tonight..:P

So I thought i would show off what I have made with my sewing machine and serger..:)

Training undies, with side snaps just in case of a poo, so you dont have to pull the poo down their legs.

more trainers

Action shot...:P

shirts, and undies

flannel liners

Spoies diaper and wipe case and a infant toy
my cute little model..:P

Boppy pillow, and bed set for my friend Kristy and my little man trying it all

Mamma Cloth, Cloth pads. You wash and reuse them, no more spoie pads with all kinds of chemicals next to you woman

Hubbys Quilt

Some of MANY doll dipaers and other doll items I have made

doll wipes

A new born fitted I made

Wool UPcycled longies, was a wool sweater

Crochet Cocoons
Fleece Soft Soled Shoes

Footed PJ pants our of Daddys worn out Hunting shirt..:P

Wrap I made

So I think you get the idea...HAHAAA


  1. your an awesome seamstress :] cant wait for your etsy shop!

  2. Thank you!!! i no i need to get it