Thursday, October 28, 2010

So I think I have totaly caught the baby bug

I have been gettin NB stuff through trade on DS. So i have got a a couple things in..LOL and well i took my sons baby doll..about newborn size..LOL and played dress up with my wool and a preemie prefold and a preemie fitted...HAHAA

Aint she

Preemie Prefold pinned, PF has micro fleece sewn on it
Preemie Fitted
little wool soaker over the fitted
Wool longies over fitted, with matching hat
Wool longies over fitted
wool shortie over fitted
Knitted small shorties
Knitted small shorties
Knitted NB longies
Knitted NB longies and hat
Knitted preemie/NB soaker

I have a couple more things coming i just havn't gotten them in  yet ...:P

but here they are..:)
Knitted newborn soaker-waiting for it to come in the mail

wait for it to come in the mail- Knitted NB romper 

Waiting for it to come in the mail...NB knitted soaker and hat too..:)

Newborn, recycled soaker waiting for it to come in the mail too

NB knitted soaker waiting for it to come in the mail too

NB knitted shorties and matching shirt set waiting for it to come in too

And this DOES NOT INCLUDE the diapers i already i have to no way i was posted pix..LOL

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Look what my 2yr old found in the front yard!!!


So my two boys are in the bath tub, my daughter just got out, and i'm sitting in the floor cutting out some mamma cloth. The front door is open cause Kole *2* is out side running around the yard. He just ran across the yard giggling, and ran past where i could see him so i hollard KOLE come back over here, and about that time he lets out a screech from hell, yelling and running as fast as he can, me and my hubby look at each other and Joey * my DH* got to the door before me, as i was trying to get out of the and by the time joey gets to the door my son is running up the stairs still screaming,and fell up the stairs, by this time me know SOMETHING is out there but we don't no what. We were thinking maybe he saw a snake or something.

SO I grabbed kole and start asking him what is wrong? He keeps telling me BUG BUG BUG..and i asked him a BUG? witch is sooo weird because he isn't scared of i have to keep him from bring grasshoppers and other bugs in the So i ask him if it is a bug? and he looks at me like i have lost my mind, but you could tell he was thinking about what it and i didn't get a responce, so i asked him if it was a snake? * we have snakes so he knows what a snake * and he still didn't answer just kept looking out in the yard. So i tell him show mamma. And he starts pointing so i start walking towards the middle of the yard. We walk another 4 or 5 steps, and and i still dont see anything, Joey is behind me looking also. We still dont see anything. So i'm thinking it is farther out so i go to try to put him down and he is holding on for dear life like i have lost my mind trying to put him So i keep walking and about them my husband said HOLY SH*T and i stop where i am cause i didn't see it by then. I'm thinking it is a snake and i'm fixing to be and My husband says it is a tarantula. And sure about 4 feet in front of me there it was. THENNNN Kole says

We ended up catching him, as my brother in law wanted one, and has the whole set up as he was going to go buy and so he will get a mate for the spider now, unless he thinks it is un-tameable  then he will bring it back here and release it back in the trees..giggle

Here is the picture of Koles HUGE

Sunday, October 24, 2010

So i have been busy busy busy...:)

This is what i have been working on the last couple of days..:)

Trainers, 2 custom orders

And a lot that i replaced elastic and zippers on, including the jacket...:)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It is worse than being prego!

I want a baby, i want to get prego NOW. We will bring up having another one at the begining of the year...but OMG it is worse than being 9mths prego and noing that you will have the baby soon...this is crazy i no i will have another..i just dont no when i will try for it yet...UGH i want one now. I have already started trading for items i want for this new baby, super cute boy and girl i'm hoping for a girl..BUT lol we will see..:P

If you have newborn baby stuff and it is SUPER i wanna see it..:P

Lazy weekend at home

Well my car broke down yesterday. The water pump went out. My wonderful hubby and his brother got it running again! * insert happy dance * Brit and I were on our way for our girls day out and half way there it started acting funny and we had to turn around. I felt so bad for her. But she knows we will be going maybe next weekend, but i have to talk laura home next weekend so it may have to be the fallowing weekend. Oh well we will get it done..:)

The kids are driving me crazy, as normal. They have spent most of the time out side though, as the weather is beautiful out side. We have left the door open it is so nice, BUT man those damn flies. They are horrible!!! I didn't know there could be so many! It is crazy!

Joey is being It has been sooo nice with him being home, yet so stressful, but i know he will find a job! I just hope it is sooner rather than later..:)

I'm still waiting for foodstamps to be added to our card. We were qualified for them, but nothing else. But i can't complain at all!!! We are luckey to be getting the help we are getting..:)

My store has opened with a bang, well more of a preopening i havn't got anything listed But as of today i have 6 MC to make, and 5 pull ups to make...and that is not counting what i made

So it looks like i will be able to bring in a little money, not enough to really cover anything but it is something and at the moment every little bit helps..:)

All for now....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

so maybe tomorrow..

I have been running around signing up for food stamps, wic, and unemployment. Joey still hasn't found a job. I dont no how we are gonna make it. Rent is due in 2 weeks. electric is going to get cut off in 10 days. We find out of we qualify for food stamps tomorrow, everything else we make to much money the hell that is possible i havn't a fuckin clue. WE HAVE NO MONEY...but what ever. i hope and pray that we get it.

Brits bday went great!! She LOVED her zen player. She was so happy she started

Halloween is coming up and i dont think we will be able to afford costumes...ughhhh

Joey is still waiting on this ONE fuckin job...witch is really pissing me off because he could get a job really fast if he would just call another company..but nooo he wants this job yet we have been with out work for a week. And now he is talking about getting a job here in town witch would be GREAT cause he would be home every night but i dont no how we will make if he gets a huge pay cut we are barley making it now....ugh

all for now...

Friday, October 8, 2010

So i'm having a bad day...

I'm sooo ready for this day to be over. I woke up and got the kids out the door. Crawled back in bed to go back to sleep but couldn't go back to sleep i was listening to the tv. Joey got up while i was getting the kids ready. And he was going to watch TV in the living room but asked him to come lay in bed so i can snuggle with them. And he did. LOL but it didn't work out as planed...but worked out better..GIGGLE *wink wink* The kids woke up soon after we got our showers. And we got them dressed and headed out the door to go file for food stamps and WIC. We signed up for food stamps but they had to fax it over to stephenvile because we are now in Erath county not hood anymore but the lady was soooo nice i was so shocked any other lady would of made us drive over there to turn it in. But she faxed everything over. I hope we get food stamps with the way everything is going, more than likely we wont for some reason.

I went to apply for WIC but they were closed today..but open tomorrow...weird...but maybe i will be able to make it..i'm going to call first to see if i can come there since i'm in Erath county. Maybe i will be able to file over the phone too...that would be nice. but we will see..:)

Then on the way home called the school and let them know that Joey had lost his job and that our income has changed to refile for free or reduced lunch...of course we got free lunches because we have no income at the moment...of

Joey was bitching about going around everywhere...OH will let my stress level fall a little bit esp. when we get stuff in.

Yesterday when Joey got home we filed for unemployment online. We weren't mess-in everyone thinks it is funny. But it can take up to a month before we get anything from them.  So i dunno what we are gonna do untill then.

The job in OKC that joey was hoping to get is sounding iffy. i hope he gets it for more than one reason. i would love to move back to O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A oklahoma! OK. And it is a great job and joey gets to wake up everyday and enjoy his work.

then after all this shit today my brother in law thought i would be cute to bad mouth me on facebook, about me not supporting my husband and i'm white trash and a high and might bitch. That i need to go get a J.O.B and let Joey sit at home and take care of the kids and house and sew. So i wouldn't have to deal with the stress anymore. There was a BUNCH of stuff he said. Yeah it hurt him saying that but it hurt even more that my husband didn't do anything, well i lie...After the first post telling me to get a job I told joey that he would probably be getting a phone call from him..because i was NOT being nice back. And well he was apparently "joking" or so he told joey. And then AFTER that he got on facebook and started really mouthing off about me being white trash and a bitch. But i think we got it "resolved" for the most part...and then joey brings it back up like it was a fuckin joke and i told him i didn't want to talk about it.

Guess i'm suppose to be alllll better that my husband is gonna let his brother talk to me that way and i'm just suppose to act like nothing happened.

We have Mongolian tsos chicken for super. It was really good. I really love cooking with joey...together. We joke around and laugh and cook...and come up with crazy ideas to God i love him but GOD he can really piss me off...

well i'm sooo freaking tired. I"m emotionally and physically exhausted its time for bed

Thursday, October 7, 2010

So Joey showed up with his tools

So I'm am sooooo stressed out. I just got the kids down for a nap. Sat on the couch to eat my lunch, TWO bites into my spaghetti and I see lights move across my wall from the reflection off the front window of the truck as it pulled into my drive way. I look out and it is Joey in a little truck and some other dude driving..witch is SOOO weird because Joey has a company truck, so at first i though maybe his truck broke down and he needed a ride home.

He comes threw the door and says "they fired me" I said " are you serious?" and he gave me this look yeah, I have to go get the tools out of the back of his truck... and sure was real

He was talking about taking another job..if he was able to get a crew together..and apparently one of the boss guys heard about it...not saying no and so they fired him because of it.

So he was home and called about the other job and told them well some how they got wind of it and that they fired him and that he needs a job NOW...and well He was told to call in the AM to see if they need another crew or not. So now we don"t even know if will get this job.

Tomorrow i'm going to file for food stamps and WIC and possible help with some other bills so we don"t crash and have to go with out what ever it is we need to go with out.

Poor Britney is SOOOO excited about her birthday coming up and that we are going to have a girls day out and this happens.

I feel SOOOO bad. I don't even know if I will have the 50 bucks to get her, or even part of that so we can go shopping and out to eat just me and her. I feel soo bad. I think i'm fixing to list my camera up for sale so we will still be able to do her birthday. She and I were sooo looking forward to it.

if it isn't one thing it is another...I don't think there is any way I will sleep tonight....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wild Hair

So i got the wild hair up my I"m cleaning my house. I have got the kitchen finished, stove top included. Just a few dishes in the sink to do. Laundry going. Rugs washed and fixing to be out side in the wonderful sun. A load of clothes next and then a load of diapers if there is enough in the diaper pail. I will be working on my living room next. Our TV is coming home today. The lap went out and had to send it in to be replaced. My computer monitor is going to get fixed now. It went out a few days ago, i'm SOOO glad I have my little I would be lost..:) The bad news is that i'm loosing my sewing it was nice having a nice long table to work on for the last two weeks. I just need to shit out the 30-40 bucks and go buy me I have a nice huge dining table but the kids always have shit on it, and they eat on it and i dont trust my sewing machine and serger to thier clumsy cost waaay to much for that. I have two doll diapers to finishes up today and mail out tomorrow for a mamma, and i'm geting a bunch of clothes for Britney hopefully they will be here for her b day....if not oh well i wil just tellher they are coming..giggle..:P

I can't believe she is turning ten. it is crazy!!! The last few days she has had many questions about her period...when why will it hurt...the normal 10 yr old questions.giggle. I'm glad she feels comforable to come talk to me, as a step mom, it makes me feel all giggly in even thought who else would she ask? Joey wont tell her and Her mom is rarly around...I hope she calls for brits sake on her b day...not for mine...i hate it when she calls. Cause i see my babys hurtting. It isn't fair to them..well that is a nother post

offfff tooooo cllllllleeeeeeaaaaannnnnn more..LOL and the kiddoes will be home soon with

Sunday, October 3, 2010

So it is Hunting

So it is opening weekend. Well Bow season. So Joey was alllll excited...and driving me crazy. I got his hunting clothes was with his sent a away stuff..giggle and all that good stuff. He got his bow out and ready to go. Or so he thought. He wakes up Saturday morning and realizes his release * trigger thingy that hooks on to the pull it back * is missing. So it is crazy early and he asks me if i have seen it and i  mumble. I gave it to you 2 or 3 times a couple months ago and i told you to put it up a million times and i put it some where but i don't remember where...LOL well we never found it and he ended up using one of his brothers extra ones, that joey ended up giving him a while

So he is out hunting and well i guess a  deer came out and i think he said it had a spike on one side..? but i don't and well he went to shoot it and the deer ducked down and the arrow went over so he missed it...:( i was really hoping for some deer meat.

He went later in the day and he saw nothing at all. and Didn't get up thusmornig to go cause he was But as soon as he was up and awake about 9 ish he says " Man i should of went hunting" I'm not sure if he will be going tonight or not..but i believe he will

SO the update

Well me and Joey did actually sit down and talk....well about a couple things.

We will bring up having and a baby again at the beginning of the year and see where we Well where Joey stands i know where i will "standing" My mind is changing it..:)

We also talked about his new job offer. It looks like he will be taking the job when/if he find the crew he wants and lines all his ducks in a row...and talk to the big guys at the other company about it. So it looks like I will me a Married, single mother again..UGH. And we will be trying to get prego while he is out of town...hopefully it wont take a year to get prego like it did with Kole...UGH It really makes me sad and upset but knowing that i will sooner or later get prego, and Joey will be happy at a new job doing what he wants/loves to be doing makes it all worth it.

Pull up I made

So I just made these. Arnt they cute as can be? They are sponge bob...giggle. They have a Cotton outer. Hidden PUL. Flannel inner so he will feel wet. And Sherpa soaker. The sides are cotton interlock.

They were sooo easy to make. I will be making a BUNCH of these. These are perfect for night and going out. He is normally nude durning the But I need to get him potty trained when he has clothes With winter coming up he will be clothes most of the time, as it will be cold..:P. And i would really love for him to be potty trained fully in the next 3-4 months so i wont have to worry about it when i get prego with the next one..:P So i can be a lazy prego...LOL

Ignore food in his

Friday, October 1, 2010

Joeys home!

So joey got home last night. It was nice going to bed in his arms. And i actually went to bed at a decent time. I woke up before the alarm wide awake. Then I laid there trying to go back to sleep and the alarm went off. got up and got the kids up and out the door and then Joey woke up with a nice heart warming FART. After i get the kids out the door i crawled back in bed and well joey is WIDE awake So we laid in bed talking, Kole ended up waking up, and then 15 mins later laura. We are fixing to go cook breakfast, sausage and eggs. And then we will be off to walmart to get Joeys Hunting licence so he can get DEER this season...YEEEEHAW. lol We are about out from last year, if we aren't out Well off to cook

OH...the convo never happened....imagine that though...