Thursday, October 14, 2010

so maybe tomorrow..

I have been running around signing up for food stamps, wic, and unemployment. Joey still hasn't found a job. I dont no how we are gonna make it. Rent is due in 2 weeks. electric is going to get cut off in 10 days. We find out of we qualify for food stamps tomorrow, everything else we make to much money the hell that is possible i havn't a fuckin clue. WE HAVE NO MONEY...but what ever. i hope and pray that we get it.

Brits bday went great!! She LOVED her zen player. She was so happy she started

Halloween is coming up and i dont think we will be able to afford costumes...ughhhh

Joey is still waiting on this ONE fuckin job...witch is really pissing me off because he could get a job really fast if he would just call another company..but nooo he wants this job yet we have been with out work for a week. And now he is talking about getting a job here in town witch would be GREAT cause he would be home every night but i dont no how we will make if he gets a huge pay cut we are barley making it now....ugh

all for now...

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