Sunday, October 3, 2010

SO the update

Well me and Joey did actually sit down and talk....well about a couple things.

We will bring up having and a baby again at the beginning of the year and see where we Well where Joey stands i know where i will "standing" My mind is changing it..:)

We also talked about his new job offer. It looks like he will be taking the job when/if he find the crew he wants and lines all his ducks in a row...and talk to the big guys at the other company about it. So it looks like I will me a Married, single mother again..UGH. And we will be trying to get prego while he is out of town...hopefully it wont take a year to get prego like it did with Kole...UGH It really makes me sad and upset but knowing that i will sooner or later get prego, and Joey will be happy at a new job doing what he wants/loves to be doing makes it all worth it.

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