Friday, October 8, 2010

So i'm having a bad day...

I'm sooo ready for this day to be over. I woke up and got the kids out the door. Crawled back in bed to go back to sleep but couldn't go back to sleep i was listening to the tv. Joey got up while i was getting the kids ready. And he was going to watch TV in the living room but asked him to come lay in bed so i can snuggle with them. And he did. LOL but it didn't work out as planed...but worked out better..GIGGLE *wink wink* The kids woke up soon after we got our showers. And we got them dressed and headed out the door to go file for food stamps and WIC. We signed up for food stamps but they had to fax it over to stephenvile because we are now in Erath county not hood anymore but the lady was soooo nice i was so shocked any other lady would of made us drive over there to turn it in. But she faxed everything over. I hope we get food stamps with the way everything is going, more than likely we wont for some reason.

I went to apply for WIC but they were closed today..but open tomorrow...weird...but maybe i will be able to make it..i'm going to call first to see if i can come there since i'm in Erath county. Maybe i will be able to file over the phone too...that would be nice. but we will see..:)

Then on the way home called the school and let them know that Joey had lost his job and that our income has changed to refile for free or reduced lunch...of course we got free lunches because we have no income at the moment...of

Joey was bitching about going around everywhere...OH will let my stress level fall a little bit esp. when we get stuff in.

Yesterday when Joey got home we filed for unemployment online. We weren't mess-in everyone thinks it is funny. But it can take up to a month before we get anything from them.  So i dunno what we are gonna do untill then.

The job in OKC that joey was hoping to get is sounding iffy. i hope he gets it for more than one reason. i would love to move back to O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A oklahoma! OK. And it is a great job and joey gets to wake up everyday and enjoy his work.

then after all this shit today my brother in law thought i would be cute to bad mouth me on facebook, about me not supporting my husband and i'm white trash and a high and might bitch. That i need to go get a J.O.B and let Joey sit at home and take care of the kids and house and sew. So i wouldn't have to deal with the stress anymore. There was a BUNCH of stuff he said. Yeah it hurt him saying that but it hurt even more that my husband didn't do anything, well i lie...After the first post telling me to get a job I told joey that he would probably be getting a phone call from him..because i was NOT being nice back. And well he was apparently "joking" or so he told joey. And then AFTER that he got on facebook and started really mouthing off about me being white trash and a bitch. But i think we got it "resolved" for the most part...and then joey brings it back up like it was a fuckin joke and i told him i didn't want to talk about it.

Guess i'm suppose to be alllll better that my husband is gonna let his brother talk to me that way and i'm just suppose to act like nothing happened.

We have Mongolian tsos chicken for super. It was really good. I really love cooking with joey...together. We joke around and laugh and cook...and come up with crazy ideas to God i love him but GOD he can really piss me off...

well i'm sooo freaking tired. I"m emotionally and physically exhausted its time for bed

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