Friday, October 1, 2010

Joeys home!

So joey got home last night. It was nice going to bed in his arms. And i actually went to bed at a decent time. I woke up before the alarm wide awake. Then I laid there trying to go back to sleep and the alarm went off. got up and got the kids up and out the door and then Joey woke up with a nice heart warming FART. After i get the kids out the door i crawled back in bed and well joey is WIDE awake So we laid in bed talking, Kole ended up waking up, and then 15 mins later laura. We are fixing to go cook breakfast, sausage and eggs. And then we will be off to walmart to get Joeys Hunting licence so he can get DEER this season...YEEEEHAW. lol We are about out from last year, if we aren't out Well off to cook

OH...the convo never happened....imagine that though...

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