Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wild Hair

So i got the wild hair up my butt..lol I"m cleaning my house. I have got the kitchen finished, stove top included. Just a few dishes in the sink to do. Laundry going. Rugs washed and fixing to be out side in the wonderful sun. A load of clothes next and then a load of diapers if there is enough in the diaper pail. I will be working on my living room next. Our TV is coming home today. The lap went out and had to send it in to be replaced. My computer monitor is going to get fixed now. It went out a few days ago, i'm SOOO glad I have my little laptop..lol I would be lost..:) The bad news is that i'm loosing my sewing table..lol it was nice having a nice long table to work on for the last two weeks. I just need to shit out the 30-40 bucks and go buy me one...lol I have a nice huge dining table but the kids always have shit on it, and they eat on it and i dont trust my sewing machine and serger to thier clumsy asses..lol cost waaay to much for that. I have two doll diapers to finishes up today and mail out tomorrow for a mamma, and i'm geting a bunch of clothes for Britney hopefully they will be here for her b day....if not oh well i wil just tellher they are coming..giggle..:P

I can't believe she is turning ten. it is crazy!!! The last few days she has had many questions about her period...when why will it hurt...the normal 10 yr old questions.giggle. I'm glad she feels comforable to come talk to me, as a step mom, it makes me feel all giggly in side...lol even thought who else would she ask?...lol Joey wont tell her anything..lol and Her mom is rarly around...I hope she calls for brits sake on her b day...not for mine...i hate it when she calls. Cause i see my babys hurtting. It isn't fair to them..well that is a nother post

offfff tooooo cllllllleeeeeeaaaaannnnnn more..LOL and the kiddoes will be home soon with homework..YAY..NOT...lol

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