Thursday, October 7, 2010

So Joey showed up with his tools

So I'm am sooooo stressed out. I just got the kids down for a nap. Sat on the couch to eat my lunch, TWO bites into my spaghetti and I see lights move across my wall from the reflection off the front window of the truck as it pulled into my drive way. I look out and it is Joey in a little truck and some other dude driving..witch is SOOO weird because Joey has a company truck, so at first i though maybe his truck broke down and he needed a ride home.

He comes threw the door and says "they fired me" I said " are you serious?" and he gave me this look yeah, I have to go get the tools out of the back of his truck... and sure was real

He was talking about taking another job..if he was able to get a crew together..and apparently one of the boss guys heard about it...not saying no and so they fired him because of it.

So he was home and called about the other job and told them well some how they got wind of it and that they fired him and that he needs a job NOW...and well He was told to call in the AM to see if they need another crew or not. So now we don"t even know if will get this job.

Tomorrow i'm going to file for food stamps and WIC and possible help with some other bills so we don"t crash and have to go with out what ever it is we need to go with out.

Poor Britney is SOOOO excited about her birthday coming up and that we are going to have a girls day out and this happens.

I feel SOOOO bad. I don't even know if I will have the 50 bucks to get her, or even part of that so we can go shopping and out to eat just me and her. I feel soo bad. I think i'm fixing to list my camera up for sale so we will still be able to do her birthday. She and I were sooo looking forward to it.

if it isn't one thing it is another...I don't think there is any way I will sleep tonight....

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