Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pull up I made

So I just made these. Arnt they cute as can be? They are sponge bob...giggle. They have a Cotton outer. Hidden PUL. Flannel inner so he will feel wet. And Sherpa soaker. The sides are cotton interlock.

They were sooo easy to make. I will be making a BUNCH of these. These are perfect for night and going out. He is normally nude durning the But I need to get him potty trained when he has clothes With winter coming up he will be clothes most of the time, as it will be cold..:P. And i would really love for him to be potty trained fully in the next 3-4 months so i wont have to worry about it when i get prego with the next one..:P So i can be a lazy prego...LOL

Ignore food in his

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