Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Look what my 2yr old found in the front yard!!!


So my two boys are in the bath tub, my daughter just got out, and i'm sitting in the floor cutting out some mamma cloth. The front door is open cause Kole *2* is out side running around the yard. He just ran across the yard giggling, and ran past where i could see him so i hollard KOLE come back over here, and about that time he lets out a screech from hell, yelling and running as fast as he can, me and my hubby look at each other and Joey * my DH* got to the door before me, as i was trying to get out of the and by the time joey gets to the door my son is running up the stairs still screaming,and fell up the stairs, by this time me know SOMETHING is out there but we don't no what. We were thinking maybe he saw a snake or something.

SO I grabbed kole and start asking him what is wrong? He keeps telling me BUG BUG BUG..and i asked him a BUG? witch is sooo weird because he isn't scared of i have to keep him from bring grasshoppers and other bugs in the So i ask him if it is a bug? and he looks at me like i have lost my mind, but you could tell he was thinking about what it and i didn't get a responce, so i asked him if it was a snake? * we have snakes so he knows what a snake * and he still didn't answer just kept looking out in the yard. So i tell him show mamma. And he starts pointing so i start walking towards the middle of the yard. We walk another 4 or 5 steps, and and i still dont see anything, Joey is behind me looking also. We still dont see anything. So i'm thinking it is farther out so i go to try to put him down and he is holding on for dear life like i have lost my mind trying to put him So i keep walking and about them my husband said HOLY SH*T and i stop where i am cause i didn't see it by then. I'm thinking it is a snake and i'm fixing to be and My husband says it is a tarantula. And sure about 4 feet in front of me there it was. THENNNN Kole says

We ended up catching him, as my brother in law wanted one, and has the whole set up as he was going to go buy and so he will get a mate for the spider now, unless he thinks it is un-tameable  then he will bring it back here and release it back in the trees..giggle

Here is the picture of Koles HUGE

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