Sunday, October 3, 2010

So it is Hunting

So it is opening weekend. Well Bow season. So Joey was alllll excited...and driving me crazy. I got his hunting clothes was with his sent a away stuff..giggle and all that good stuff. He got his bow out and ready to go. Or so he thought. He wakes up Saturday morning and realizes his release * trigger thingy that hooks on to the pull it back * is missing. So it is crazy early and he asks me if i have seen it and i  mumble. I gave it to you 2 or 3 times a couple months ago and i told you to put it up a million times and i put it some where but i don't remember where...LOL well we never found it and he ended up using one of his brothers extra ones, that joey ended up giving him a while

So he is out hunting and well i guess a  deer came out and i think he said it had a spike on one side..? but i don't and well he went to shoot it and the deer ducked down and the arrow went over so he missed it...:( i was really hoping for some deer meat.

He went later in the day and he saw nothing at all. and Didn't get up thusmornig to go cause he was But as soon as he was up and awake about 9 ish he says " Man i should of went hunting" I'm not sure if he will be going tonight or not..but i believe he will

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