Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lazy weekend at home

Well my car broke down yesterday. The water pump went out. My wonderful hubby and his brother got it running again! * insert happy dance * Brit and I were on our way for our girls day out and half way there it started acting funny and we had to turn around. I felt so bad for her. But she knows we will be going maybe next weekend, but i have to talk laura home next weekend so it may have to be the fallowing weekend. Oh well we will get it done..:)

The kids are driving me crazy, as normal. They have spent most of the time out side though, as the weather is beautiful out side. We have left the door open it is so nice, BUT man those damn flies. They are horrible!!! I didn't know there could be so many! It is crazy!

Joey is being It has been sooo nice with him being home, yet so stressful, but i know he will find a job! I just hope it is sooner rather than later..:)

I'm still waiting for foodstamps to be added to our card. We were qualified for them, but nothing else. But i can't complain at all!!! We are luckey to be getting the help we are getting..:)

My store has opened with a bang, well more of a preopening i havn't got anything listed But as of today i have 6 MC to make, and 5 pull ups to make...and that is not counting what i made

So it looks like i will be able to bring in a little money, not enough to really cover anything but it is something and at the moment every little bit helps..:)

All for now....

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